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Anti-inflammatory Cocktail

 I have been drinking this anti-inflammatory cocktail for a while now and shared it on our Instagram account, but realized I better share it with you all here!

This drink is the perfect afternoon pick me up, morning elixir, or evening cocktail. You could even add a little alcohol if you’re feeling extra sassy ;P!IMG_9208

The ingredients in this cocktail are so beneficial to your immune system, are anti-inflammatory, and quite tasty! This is one of those drinks that not only nourishes your body from the inside out, but it is also such a refreshing pick me up. I love having this drink when I am having a craving or need a boost of energy because it feels like a treat! Not only does this energize you by hydrating but the ACV also helps give you a little boost!


Ingredient Spotlight

Limes are loaded with vitamin C, especially the peel, which is why we like to include this in the cocktail. Just make sure you use organic limes when you put the peel in! They are also great for digestion as well as fabulous for inflammation because they are alkaline in the body and also help excrete uric acid.

Apple Cider Vinegar has so many benefits! It is beneficial for heart health, blood sugar regulation, immune support, digestion, energy, acid reflux, and so much more!

Turmeric also has a ridiculous amount of beneficial properties. It is most noted for its anti-inflammatory properties and has long been used in Chinese and Indian medicine for these qualities. Due to it’s anti-inflammatory activity and antioxidant properties it is great for arthritis, IBD, cancer, and cardiovascular protection.



16 oz water (sparkling if you’re feeling fancy)

1-2 tbsp raw apple cider vinegar (ACV) (you could definitely use your fire cider)

1 tsp turmeric powder

juice of 1/2 lime

optional: stevia or honey to taste…or a splash of orange juice!



Mix all ingredients together and enjoy!


Now, go make this shit and reap all of the amazing benefits right now! Your body will thank you later!


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