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My favorite green juice…and here’s why

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We are still in the heat of summer, but not for much longer! Here in Colorado, our growing season is fairly short, so it’s time to take full advantage of the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables that are basically growing in our backyards… or maybe you have already taken the step and are growing wonderful fruits and vegetables in your yard!
The summer is one of the best times to add in more raw foods and focus on an even more plant-based diet than you may consume during the winter months. When it’s warm out, we don’t need as much density from animal proteins and heavy starches to keep us grounded and warm. Instead, we need cooling and fresh fruits and vegetables that keep us hydrated and provide us with plenty of vitamins and minerals to replenish our skin and body from the heat.
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Raw foods have been touted for having such amazing benefits to your health due to their high amount of enzymes as well as vitamins and minerals that may be destroyed by heat. More importantly to me, is how much more energy they carry. I think of them as living foods that are providing us with life and vitality…and the quicker they reach our mouth from the vine, the more alive they are when we consume them! So won’t that give you more energy and make you more alive?
One of my favorite ways to utilize this abundance of summer fun is by making smoothies and juices. Hopefully you read my post all about blood sugar balancing and understand how juicing and smoothies can be disruptive to keeping your blood sugar balanced, so that you are now able to incorporate them in a balanced way. If not, head there now!
While I did state that juicing could be problematic towards balancing blood sugar, I am also very excited about how beneficial juicing can be.
Juice drinks are great when you are sick or feeling tired because they cause an exchange of toxins across membranes, which results in the systematic flushing of toxins out of the body. However, you still do need fiber to help this process, which is why I prefer to do a blended juice like my glowing green drank.
However, I also feel like juice can be a savior, helping us keep our health and vitamin levels up by putting them straight into our blood stream, from the source, instead of making our body work to break them down before receiving the nutrition. Plus, you are able to consume more fruits and vegetables, like an entire head of kale in one drink (that would be a lot of chewing!), which allows you to receive more vitamins and minerals!
This is important since our foods are depleted of vitamins and minerals from diminished unhealthy soils caused by lack of sustainable farming practices and large uses of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. In fact vitamin and mineral levels have decreased in some produce by over 75% in the past 20 years and that’s before you cook it and get rid of some more.
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Bottom line, juicing can be a phenomenal tool to keep in your arsenal. Juices will make you feel amazing by helping circulation, skin, digestive problems, obesity, bad breath, and more. Just make sure to have some other food with your juice… or shortly after to give your body all it needs to keep you full and balanced.


Ingredients to send through your juicer:

1 head kale (the king of greens…but you may not want to have an entire head every day…balance in everything people!)

1 jalapeno (fires up your metabolism, reduces pain, and is great for blood flow)

1 lemon (antioxidants, body alkalizer, and it gives a great flavor!)

celery or cucumber to your content! (both are wonderful for hydration)

need a little sweetness? Add in some green apple!

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I just wanted to remind everyone how important it is to support local farmers and how many more benefits you get when eating locally. Our foods are shipped 100’s of 1000’s of miles before they get to us, not only causing them to lose valuable nutrients, but also putting a strain on our environment from more fuel consumption. You are doing your body a service, the environment, and your lovely local small farms when you purchase locally!

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What local fruits and vegetables are you throwing in juices and smoothies to keep your body vibrating at optimal levels? Tag us in your pictures and #holisticrendezvous for a chance to be featured! We love to hear from you and are so inspired by your beautiful pictures! xoxo, B

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