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Plant the seed.

11214707_10104406421996842_8182809896400605779_nI spent this weekend camping at an amazing music festival at Sunrise Ranch in Loveland Colorado called Arise Music Festival. ARISE is a music, yoga, activism and co-creative camping festival that is more than just a festival, but a movement towards greater good. The vibes at this festival are so uplifting and the amazing yoga classes, workshops, and music make it a true learning experience. I highly recommend planning ahead and going ahead and buying a ticket for next year, today! They have a really great deal if you buy early:)11873672_10104406421797242_2424239064742532610_n

I will be completely honest and say that I had a bit of an ‘off’ week last week, so this festival was the perfect time for me to rejuvenate by being around conscientious people, positive vibes, the grounding energy of the earth and the peacefulness of the mountains. I was awakened to a lot of great messages over the weekend and want to share one that was especially helpful to me.


Plant the Seed Inside of You

One of the laughter yoga classes that I went to had such a great message that I wan to share with you all today. Our focus on Mondays is manifestation and I think this visualization exercise will help you truly manifest what’s inside of you on this beautiful Monday.

In our hands, we cultivated a seed, a seed that represented something in our hearts. This seed was a desire, goal, dream, feeling…that we wanted to blossom and grow inside of us. We imagine our laughter and love putting energy into this seed, energy that would make this seed powerful and have all of the life force it would need to grow. We took this seed and put it in our bellybuttons. As we held this seed inside of us we thought about the energy it possessed and imagined it growing with every positive thought and joyous moment in our lives over the next day, week, month, year…until it blossomed and grew fully inside of us, becoming part of us.

I want to invite you all today to do this. Think of what you want to cultivate in your life and put your loving energy into this…plant this seed inside of you and allow it to grow and root into your soul. Allow it to become part of your being, part of who you are, and part of who you are becoming.


Plant the Seed for the World

Today, I am also having a ritual of planting the car camping pass from Arise in my yard. One of the many amazing ways that Arise stayed green and true to its eco-conscious efforts was by having not only biodegradable passes, but passes that are actually filled with seeds! My pass is actually going to turn into beautiful Colorado wild flowers! As I plant my pass today, I am planting a seed for the wisdom and vibration that this music festival is about. I think of this as a way to spread this energy further than just the festival and fully into life. If we all lived with the environment in mind our world would be so much better off. I am excited to watch this energy grow and root itself into my world even more. I am planting a seed for growth, change, development, and conscious living.

The Cleansing Nature of Rain

As I returned home from Arise, I headed to Jazz in the Park in Denver and on my bike ride home, I was showered with the most refreshing and cleansing rain. It was truly the perfect end to this weekend of renewal.


Rain is the perfect symbolism for cleansing and washing away emotional baggage, providing rejuvenation and energy in place of what may have been weighing us down. As the rain started coming down, I began imagining being stripped of my ego and all of the emotions and feelings that were not serving me anymore. As the rain came down harder and harder, I felt more and more refreshed, renewed, rejuvenated, and just full of light and energy. In that moment I felt pure and loved every bit of that now.

This practice can be done in the shower, by running around in the rain, or by just meditating on water washing over you and cleansing your emotional body. I think this is a really great meditation to do after planting your seed because you are watering the light and goal within you, while removing that which no longer serves you.

I hope these visualization techniques truly bring you into a week of renewal, strength, peace, and growth. Please share with us what you want to cultivate and grow within yourself and within the world around you. We want to grow with you and send love and light to your seed! 🙂


I also wanted to share some of the musical talents that I loved

Earth Guardians (these kids were amazing!)


The Polish Ambassador

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Trevor Hall


As well as some of the amazing visual artists I discovered

Jake Amazon


Visions of Ajra


Julie Cron  17422_1039483902743573_3065330669005536849_n

and many many more!


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