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Green Goddess Dressing

FullSizeRender-13Dressings are one of the foods that most people forego making and purchase in a bottle. We search for organic, check the ingredients and hope that we made a good choice. Unfortunately, dressings are also one of the foods with some of the most hidden ingredients. Even the organic dressings use canola oil over olive oil, grape seed, or another high quality oil, and may also contain some unwanted ingredients. This is why I make my own dressings and create new recipes as often as possible!

Being able to control your ingredients is one of the most empowering parts of making your own foods and dressing is no exception! This recipe is absolutely delicious and loaded with zinc and iron from sesame seeds. By making your own dressing you may add in super foods and spices to create a diversity of flavors and give your body an extra nutrient boost. Every ingredient in this recipe is nutrient dense and delicious, plus it is SO easy to make.

I use this for salads as well as for dipping carrots, celery, cucumbers, etc. The texture is thick enough for dipping, but can also be thinned for a thinner salad dressing, making it perfection to have around!

Ingredient Spotlight:

Tahini (sesame seeds) are tiny seeds with anti-inflammatory components and antioxidants. The high amount of copper in the seeds is responsible for these benefits, but it is also rich in many other nutrients. Read more about sesame seeds here!

Ume plum vinegar is new to my repertoire and I am trying to get it’s unique flavor and amazing health benefits into many recipes! Ume plum vinegar is an amazing stomach tonic and is super alkalizing in the body which reduces inflammation and helps with detoxification. Ume boshi may also be a great hangover cure!

Garlic is nature’s antibiotic and I give it credit for all of it’s glory in so many of my recipes. Garlic, we love you!

Lemon is another ingredient I love to praise and use all the time. It’s high in vitamin C, alkalizing, and full of antioxidants!


1/2 cup tahini

1/2 cup water

juice of 1 lemon

1 tbsp ume plum vinegar of ACV (apple cider vinegar)

1/4 cup green onions

1 clove garlic

salt to taste


Place all ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth!

Add more water for a thinner consistency!

This also may thicken overnight, so you can always add more water then as well.


You will absolutely love this dressing and the flavor that it brings to your salads! Don’t forget to tag us when you make it @holisticrendezvous and #holisticrendezvous! Peace and love, B



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