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The Bitters


When creating or preparing a meal it is important to cover every aspect of flavors that we experience on the vast terrain of our tongues. There’s the sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and umami, all flavors that we perceive by our tongues taste buds. It was originally thought that our tongue was broken into sections, where each flavor was recognized by a different area, however, it is now decided that it is really all over.

This makes sense, because a sensation, whether sorrow, happiness, guilt, pleasure, saltiness, is not confined to one area, it is all over. It may have hints of laughter or sweetness; its a mixture of pieces all combining together and fitting somehow. Which is maybe why we crave foods in this way and they taste better when activating each flavor. We are used to a mixture in our lives and we crave what we are used to. Our meals are not always the perfect balance or blend of all of the flavors, but that’s just how things are sometimes, and it’s no reason not

to savor each flavor. 

I want to inspire, motivate, or just entertain, but mainly make a difference. I am not perfect, and my days are not always, so I can’t promise that I will always write self empowering and inspirational things, because just like our foods, my moods and cravings are different each day, but there’s always love. Every day I hope to make an impression or difference in someone’s life, or educate them in some way or another. Whether it’s through knowledge, positivity, self confidence, or a simple action. I crave sweetness, well being, love, and confidence in my life and want others to feel self empowered, healthy and taste the SWEETNESS in their lives too. Because I  think that we all have a continual sweet tooth in life, but occasionally we need those bursts of other flavors to give us humility, appreciation, and a continual strive for more sweet and savory things in our lives. We need that slight bitter to make us appreciate just how luscious and satisfying those sweets are, which always keep you craving more.

All the visitors I have had over the past month have been such sweet moments in my life and have left me so much room to reflect!

Take today to notice all of the different flavors in your life. What has been sour, salty, or bitter lately? What sweetness have you found in your life? Take the time to feel all of your emotions and tune into what is truly going on in your spirit. Are you ignoring these unsatisfactory parts of your life, or are you drowning in them? Our culture seems to have this nuance towards grief; we see it as a very negative emotion related to failure and feel that we need to hide it away from those around us. This perception needs to change. Our emotions make us who we are and every experience we endure shapes us and makes us stronger, not weaker. It is important to notice all of your emotions and deal with them without being overly consumed. I think that hiding from emotions creates the issue of a tipping point. If you keep pushing feelings away and not dealing with them, eventually you may hit a tipping point where all of these emotions crash down and overwhelm you. When you deal with and face your emotions as they come, you learn from them and grow. Use your emotions to reflect on yourself and your perceptions so that you recognize true happiness when it hits you. Appreciate and accept all of your emotions and forgive yourself for negative ones so that they don’t hold you back.
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We challenge you to write down everything that you are feeling each night this week, good or bad;no judgement here! If you notice a lot of negative feelings showing up, let them flow, and then find a way to change your perception of them, but allow yourself to feel them first! Let us know how this exercise goes for you! It may help you see places in your life where you need a change…relationships, friendships, work, creativity, etc.!
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