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Love Lives Here

IMG_7338For the past few weeks I have played this over and over in my head;

love. lives. here.

How inspiring to be reminded that I am a vessel, a home…and a place where love lives. I am able to bring love to this space, this body, this world, with nothing other than an intention and an awareness; to share and bring love with me everywhere I go.

I have this notion of love. It is something that lives inside of us and flows from within us whenever we desire. It is not this tumultuous mess that it sometimes feels like. I have found that I am now happy and blessed to love everyone in my life. I do not need a romance or something over the top to feel love…I feel it everyday. Even when someone in my life disappoints me FullSizeRender-2or an argument surfaces, I still feel an extreme love that I have no desire to torch. I spent many years of my life holding back loving myself, others, and each and every second in my life. I didn’t let love flow from me continuously. I would hold back loving other people for fear of being let down, used, or not loved in return. I would worry that people would use my emotions to bring me down or hurt me. I would criticize my self and strive for perfection in so many ways instead of embracing and loving every part of myself. I would let this strive and anxiety get in the way of loving every moment. Now, I find solace in the love that I feel towards others, , and this beautiful earth. I find strength in the vulnerability and beauty of feelings. Feeling is an important part of human nature and love is what we all live for. My vulnerability and love don’t make me weak, they make me strong. They make me brave and are a beautiful thing to share with the world.

Falling in love with yourself is the most amazing thing you can do. To realize how utterly breathtaking your heart is, your mind, and the extreme complexity of your body that works so hard for you everyday. To embrace your imperfections and see them as these amazing qualities that are simply one part of who you are. To see your talents and embrace them with dignity. To feel proud of your accomplishments and failures because they have shaped you and brought you to where you are today.

To fall in love or love another is also so incredible. You are recognizing this innate beauty in them that resonates with you. You are allowing yourself to send them an energy and a vibration that is so uplifting that it can only make them shine even brighter. Even if these people aren’t able to love you back in the same way, the fact that you are vulnerable and willing to fall in love and let that love bleed from you is breathtakingly beautiful. Love is profound and our ability to accept and connect with someone in such a sincere and heartfelt way shows our insane nature of greatness.

Don’t fear the rejection of love. Allowing yourself to love is this beautiful and wonderful thing in itself. Embrace this feeling. Sometimes we get caught in this anxious uneasy place, wondering if our love is returned. But don’t dwell in that dark place, hold onto that sweet and glorious feeling of pure and unadultered love and let it flow. The purpose isn’t to love with the hope of being loved back, but solely just to love. We shouldn’t love to get something in return, we should love simply because love is a beautiful and strengthening emotion that there needs to be more of. Fall in love with your love and be joyous in that!

One amazing thing about love is that we all have enough or some to give. It’s not a talent, athleticism, a body, or anything but a feeling that we have an indispensable amount available to us. It’s not a competition, it’’s simply an emotion that every single one of us has access too.

So let’s celebrate our ability to love and open our hearts to loving everything in our lives with absolute bliss.

Try these yoga poses to open your heart chakra and make you more accepting and open to love.


Camel Pose, Ushstrasana


Cobra Pose, Bhujangasana


Forward Bend Pose, Uttanasana


For more descriptions on these poses and how to safely do them click here!

Try this tea recipe for Love C, which is not only loaded with vitamin C, but also has a rich red hue that is sure to open your heart!


Wearing rose quartz will also help open your heart chakra. We love our Armor of Amour necklace.634c13_bddd31e187044adeb416f7703b1a9def.png_srb_p_420_420_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srb

Make this weeks manifestation “Love Lives Here.” I think this is such a powerful affirmation that we can all use to strengthen and open our hearts. We would love to know what you thought of this post and how you are letting love live in your life. Let us know on Facebook, Instagram or in the comments. Peace and Love, HR


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