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World Water Day

Water is a resource that is readily taken advantage of, and that is easily taken for granted. We recognize that we are fortunate enough to have our water bottles full, and with us, every day. We are able to shower, and have access to a toilet, every day. We are able to utilize clean water for cooking and cleaning, every day.

Yesterday was World Water Day, and we made a point to take time to express gratitude for our access to this resource, and to think of the many populations that do not have this same level of opportunity. A lack of clean water leads to a lack of sanitation and hygiene in an area, which then negatively impacts the health of those communities.

Here are a few facts we found particularly astounding, provided by the CDC and WHO, regarding the connection between health and access to clean water:
  1. Diarrheal diseases kill more children than AIDS, malaria, and the measles combined.
  2. Sustainable sanitation is necessary for preventing infectious disease. 
  3. 2.5 billion people worldwide don’t have access to toilets or other basic sanitation.
  4. The simple act of washing hands at critical times can reduce the number of diarrheal cases by up to 35%.
  5. Coverage for both improved water supply and sanitation lags behind in the poorest communities – in rural areas and in urban/peri-urban slums.

There are many nonprofits involved with clean water and sanitation initiatives. We would like to encourage you to engage, and donate some time or money, to raise awareness and to help improve equality of access to water worldwide.

Here are some nonprofits (thank you Goodnet!) dedicated to improving access to clean water worldwide:
  1. http://www.charitywater.org/ – 100% of public donations goes to fund clean water projects!
  2. http://water.org/ – Forge partnerships with carefully-screened, indigenous partner organizations that understand, and are part of, the local culture!
  3. http://www.threeavocados.org/ – 100% of their profits to building water projects in
  4. http://waterislife.com/ – Developed a water filtration product called The Straw which
    provides clean drinking water when immersed into a water source! Teaches sanitation and hygiene education, and researches and implements sustainable long lasting clean water solutions specific to communities.
  5. http://www.puremadi.org/ – A nonprofit comprised of faculty and students of University of Virginia who are creating water filtering technologies that improve human health and quality of life.

What would your day look like, if you did not have water at your disposal?

Love and Light,



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