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How To View Love This Valentine’s Day

FullSizeRender (3)In Joseph Campbell’s, The Power of Myth, he describes how the troubadors, or the nobility of Provence (and eventually other parts of France and Europe), were interested in the psychology of love. This group was also the first in the West to view love the way we do now – “as a person-to-person relationship”. Considering that Valentine’s Day is less than a week away, and being conscious of the usual pressures placed upon each of us on this highly commercialized day, we would like to remind you of what the true focus of this Saturday should be. True, genuine, deep, raw, open- minded, and completely honest…interactions.

To enjoy yourself this Valentine’s Day, you do not need to go on a date. You do not need to receive flowers or chocolate. You do not need to find your soul mate. All you need to do is relate to someone, even if that person is yourself, from a respectful, compassionate, and appreciative perspective. If you are spending time with a romantic interest, or a significant other, make sure that you fully engage with that individual. Strive to learn more about him/her at his/her core. Ask questions that result in introspection, like what his/her passions, dreams, and goals are. Ask him/her about his/her fears, and whether or not (s)he is aware of the root of this discomfort.

If you do not have a date planned, don’t sweat it! Exchange candy, flowers, and cards with friends, or go out and have fun together! Spend time with people who are supportive of you, and with whom you feel like you can be completely yourself. Take time to also interact with these people on a deeper level, and try to learn even more about them as individuals. Take turns asking each other questions, even ones that push past your comfort zones. Consider making a game out of it, so that the activity feels less formal and staged.

If you do not feel like being around other people, then spend time with yourself! Meditate, exercise, or try a new restaurant or activity – yes, alone! Go see a movie that has piqued your interest, take time to read a book, or work towards a goal that you have been neglecting. Treat yourself! There is no formula for a successful Valentine’s Day, so do what makes you happy and feel fulfilled.

Love like a troubador, and relate to another person, group, or yourself, on a genuine, equal, and unifying level. Once that becomes your focus, the superficial expectations for February 14th will be seen for what they really are. Generic phrases stamped into sugar hearts, and shallow emotions that may wilt and wither away over time. Love and know yourself first, so that you can better get to know, and love, others. Approach love differently this Valentine’s Day, and you will be amazed at the people and situations you attract!

Here is a very interesting podcast that discusses our connections to other people, as well as how and why this occurs! The title is “Entanglement”, and it is the second link down on this page.


What are your thoughts on love, and how do you define it? What will be your mindset and outlook regarding this Valentine’s Day?

Love and Light,



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