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How To Reduce Waste

Happy February! And…happy #sustainabilitysunday ! We hope you enjoyed the last month of our Love Your Life Challenge, and that it helped you start off the new year right! Yesterday, we asked you to reduce your waste…How did you do? There are so many simple ways that we can reduce waste, especially when consuming and purchasing foods. Today we wanted to share with you some of the simplest ways to reduce waste, and show you where you can find items to help you with this!


Always take shopping bags with you to the grocery store to carry your groceries! You can also take it a step further and have produce bags, jars for the bulk bins, and bags designated for meat/chicken, so there is no contamination.


We love chico bags because they fold up very small and it’s easy to ALWAYS have one in your purse so that you are never caught without a bag. There are also other bags that fold up in this manner, so you can dig around for what you like the most. Definitely check out the chico bag website though and learn about their business model, they are doing great things! 🙂CHBG00012_dt

Produce bags are another area that people tend to overlook when they go shopping, but they are definitely important. Think about all of the plastic you could be saving by not using the plastic produce bags at the store! Chico is another great place to get these, as well as Ukonserve  .

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We also use reusable lunch bags for snacks like carrots, celery, crackers, etc. Both of the websites we already mentioned have these, but you can also check out Amazon or find them at local stores. UK050-1

It’s also great to have plastic or stainless steel containers in which to put snack, sandwiches, etc. Make sure to use glass or stainless steel over plastic to keep you and your family safe from harmful chemicals. Again, Ukonserve is a great place to find some of these items.

Mason Jars make a great storage for nuts/seeds that you can purchase in bulk, which reduces your container waste. It is also a great idea to use these to pick up your items from bulk. You can get the store to weigh these out for you before you shop, so that you are only charged for the weight of your bulk items.

Reusable bamboo silverware is something that many people wouldn’t think about, but when you are grabbing a quick meal contemporary-flatwarefrom a salad bar, it is so easy to grab plastic silverware that contributes to waste, so try keeping bamboo silverware in your purse.


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