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How To Reflect Every Day Kindness

photo (34)We are nearing the end of the Love Your Life Challenge, so what better way to kick off the final week than with a post about how to better engage with, and benefit, those around you? In previous posts, we have touched upon the ideas of improving your communication, as well as finding local volunteer opportunities, and both are important skills for accomplishing today’s goal. However, we would like to specifically focus on the idea of “random” acts of kindness, and good deeds, that we strive to perform each day. Although typically referred to as “random” acts, these actions should be deliberate, intentional, and thought out. As a result, while this is the main objective for today, we hope that you will remember this post, and try to embody the values we will touch upon, every single day.

Receiving kindness and compassion from those we know, as well as from individuals whom we have never formally met, is enough to inspire feelings of positivity and love within each of us. Being made to feel special, appreciated, respected, and cared for, are universal needs and are an innate, and connecting, requirement for daily functioning. Based upon the law of attraction, the more kindness, understanding, and love we exude, and emanate into the system of the universe, the more we will attract. Similarly, the more acts of kindness we show towards others, the more compassion we will receive in return. While we are relaying this idea in a very black-and-white manner, we fully believe that if every individual on this Earth helped at least one other person each day, they will inspire that individual to help someone else. Remember, we are all interconnected. One act of kindness each day will cause a ripple effect, and spark many more unsolicited, nice, actions.

Small acts of kindness, which reflect that you are conscious of another person’s feelings or needs, can legitimately change the world, and how each of us view our surroundings. No deed is insignificant, or too small. Regardless of how familiar you are with another individual, it is challenging to know exactly where (s)he finds fulfillment and happiness, or to know his/her exact needs for that day. One person may need a hug, while another person might appreciate just a smile. Someone else may be having a bad day, or week, and is in need of someone who will simply take the time to sit, and listen. To embody and reflect kindness, you must be a conscious, engaged, and observant individual, who is able to recognize what your coinhabitants will truly benefit from in a particular moment. You must take a step back and try to release any biases that will prevent you from effectively learning more about someone else, in order to recognize his/her unique needs in that moment.

The purpose behind accomplishing good deeds, and performing every day kindness, is to remind others of the beauty in humanity, and to help encourage the mindset that we are all connected, and designed to work together. You will be amazed by how much your own day is improved, once you have seen that you have helped improve that of another individual.

Here are a few examples of ways you can be kind, and help others, each day!

1. Smile at everyone with whom you make eye contact. 

2. Take the time to sit down and ask someone a few questions about themselves, or how his/her day is going, and truly listen. 

3. Open the door for people entering behind you. 

4. If you get coffee, or any other small item today, purchase a similar good for the person behind you. 

5. Give a hug to anyone who seems willing to receive one.

6. Sign up for a local volunteer event, or get involved with a local nonprofit. 

7. If you pay for a parking spot today, pay for a little more time than you need, so that time remains for the next person to use. 

8. Contact a family member or friend with whom you have not spoken in a while, and see how (s)he is doing. 

9. Donate blood at the next blood drive near you. 

10. Donate money to a nonprofit that is doing sustainable, empowering, work with a cause that resonates with you. 

Also, here is a wonderful website that I stumbled upon while writing this piece that is well-organized, and provides countless ideas for small acts of kindness that you can accomplish each day!

random acts of kindness foundation

Thank you all for reading, and please share ideas of your own on how to reflect kindness each day! How you intend to perform kind acts today, this week, this year, and beyond?

Have a fantastic week, full of love, happiness, unity, and KINDNESS! 🙂 

Love & Light,



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