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Writing Affirmations




  1. the action or process of affirming something or being affirmed.
  2. emotional support or encouragement.

photo (33)Too often in life, we find comfort, security, and support in other people, and other external sources. We can be affirmed with food, alcohol, material possessions, sex, and a variety of other gratifying items. What we each need to realize, and take time each day to recognize, is that true happiness and satisfaction can only be found when we are able to implicitly love, and innately affirm, ourselves. That’s right. The power to love every part of our beings, and believe in our gifts, strengths, and even weaknesses, must be completely internal. We are each more than capable of pursuing our passions and manifesting our dreams, because no idea within our comprehension, or creativity, can be that far fetched. The key is developing the mindset and building the confidence to express self-love, and to amend our actions and behaviors to reflect this feeling.

In order to maintain a positive and encouraging perspective regarding goals for this year, and to make it the best one yet, we are challenging you to write affirmations! These notes should be read, out loud, every morning when you wake up, and every night before you go to bed. Look at yourself in the mirror, and feel comfortable telling yourself what makes you unique, and what positive skills, thoughts, and energy you provide to the world. Once you are able to recognize, and verbalize, how beautiful and vibrant your mind, body, and soul are – because they are each a part of the meshwork of this universe within which we are all connected – others will also be able to sense the positivity and love that you radiate. This vibration, this energy, will facilitate the attraction of supportive people into your life, who will only help you to continue believing in, encouraging, and loving yourself.

Here are 10 affirmations that we are committed to saying to ourselves twice a day. You can put these on sticky notes, or use a dry erase marker, and place them around your mirror, or you can simply have a journal where they are documented and can be easily accessed. Choose to write them in a place, and in a style, that is most natural and comfortable for you.

Our Affirmations

  1. I have the power and ability to pursue my passions, and accomplish my dreams.
  2. I have the ability and compassion to change the world for the better.
  3. I am loved.
  4. I am beautiful – in my mind, body, and soul.
  5. I am a deliberate and necessary part of the universe.
  6. I deserve success, and am capable of it.
  7. I deserve to be treated with love and respect, and deserve to command for both.
  8. I radiate positivity, kindness, and good energy.
  9. I do not need anyone else to make me happy.
  10. I trust the universe – everything happens for a reason, and will work out for the best.

What affirmations will you write? How do you think they will help you accomplish your goals?

Thank you all, and make sure that you make time to recognize your self-worth this week!

Love and Light,



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