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Making A Gratitude Jar

photo 1 (2)We are so excited to share today’s goal with you all, as part of this month’s Love Your Life Challenge! It is a new year and a fresh start for all of us, so what better time to do some reflecting and introspection, in order to determine what reality we would like to manifest for ourselves in 2015. As we are sure you all know, we try to lead our lives with the most positive mindset possible, and try to take time each day to be thankful and express gratitude for all of the gifts and opportunities that are presented to us. We recognize, however, that this can often be difficult. There are days when it feels as though the universe is working against you, and the materialistic and standardized expectations of society are distracting you from your core needs for true happiness and health. A tool that we have found helpful in the past for remaining conscious of our own fortune, and that we will continue to use this coming year, is…a…GRATITUDE JAR!

The idea is simple. Get a jar, bowl, box, or whatever container you think best reflects your personality and the aesthetic of the place where you will be keeping your “jar”. The only requirement is that it is large enough to contain at least 360 strips of paper.

Why, you ask?

Because you will be placing at least one reason, every day this year, that you have to be grateful for waking up each morning and having the opportunity to continue on your path, and to be a vital part of the meshwork of the universe. This note can be a talent you have, a physical characteristic you love about yourself, an act of kindness you received from a stranger, the name of a person whom you love or who is supportive of you…ANYTHING! The possibilities are infinite, and unique to you. No event or thought is too small, or insignificant. We encourage you not to over think this challenge, but to rather write down your notes quickly and somewhat impulsively, to guarantee that they are genuine and intuitive. We also encourage you to write down more than one note each day, in order to allow yourself to be more conscious of, and open to, any and all opportunities and gifts you receive each day. In addition to that, in writing down and reflecting on the positive aspects of your life, you will continue to attract more positivity and chances for personal growth and development, as a result.

The beauty of this jar is that it not only acts as a tool to help you remain cognizant of the immense amount of positivity and happiness in your life, but it can also be used to remind you of these occurrences, and to help brighten your day and raise your appreciation towards your own life. Whenever you are feeling down, or hopeless, reach into the jar and take out a piece of paper. Reflect on what you pull out, remind yourself of the riches that you do have, and remember that more opportunities are coming your way. At the end of the year, you will read through every note that you have written, and take some time to celebrate all of the successes, beauty, love, and life that you had the privilege of encountering!

photo 2 (1)

Share picture of your gratitude “jars” with us! We would love to see examples of your creativity shining 🙂

Love & Light,



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