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The Power of No

In three days, a glittering ball will drop, champagne bottles will pop, and kisses will be shared, as we all ring in the New Year! Per tradition, many of us will also be verbalizing resolutions, as we set out on writing the newest chapter of our lives.

“Eat less unhealthily, exercise more.”

“Stress less about ‘the little things’, adventure more.”

The ideas vary between each of us, but the hopes of maintaining this promise to ourselves reigns as a constant. This year, I intend to love myself more, starting with strengthening my ability to say,


Let me clarify. I do not mean that I will be saying no to opportunities to go new places, meet new people, or learn new things, or that I will be starting my year on a negative and/or bound foot. I mean that I will love and respect myself enough to reflect on, and recognize, my own values and needs. As a result, I will be more conscious of making decisions based upon these points, and acting in a way that caters to these self-preserving thoughts.

Too often, we are scared to be honest with others, or to deny them their requests, because we do not want to hurt their feelings or seem like we do not care about their happiness. However, we each need to realize that we cannot effectively help others without first taking care of ourselves. Sometimes, this means that we have to put our own desires, time, and feelings, over those of our friends and loved ones…and feel okay doing so. Because I am a “bleeding heart”, as my mother so lovingly calls me, this can be extremely challenging for me. More often than not, I would rather sacrifice my own satisfaction for the benefit of another, rather than believe that I have hurt someone else in some way. This mentality, shared by many of us, can be self-destructive, and can often lead to resentment towards those who are more forthright with their feelings and more able to demand what they want. What we each need to realize, however, is that this rancor stems from jealousy, and an underlying desire to be able to better speak up for ourselves.

So, let us all resolve to be better about saying,


  • No to the sense of guilt that we feel when we do not agree with the opinions or requests of others, so that we are able to cater to our own needs and productivity.
  • No to the demands of others, if what they are asking contradicts our beliefs, or will cause us to sacrifice our own contentment for any reason.
  • No to the fear that we each have of being disliked for not succumbing to the appeals of others, because those who truly care about us will be understanding.
  • No to the excuses we make for not pursuing our passions, or for not making time to do activities that we enjoy.

We challenge you to take some time before Wednesday night, as well as every day after that, to sit down and think about your goals for this year, and the values that you intend to live by. Write these thoughts down, meditate on these notes, and be prepared to say no to anything, or anyone, that tries to stand in your way.

Share some of these reflections with us, if you feel comfortable! Do you have tips for how to say no, and how to better help yourself, each day?

Have a fantastic week, and Happy New Year!!! 🙂

Love and Light,



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