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Living Without Time

photo (28)As some of you may know, last night was the winter solstice, or the time each year that the sun reaches its farthest southward point and the duration of the night is the longest it will be all year. What was especially unique about this year’s solstice is that it was the longest night that has occurred in the history of our existence. This made me begin to think about the concept of time, and the weight that it holds in our lives each day. Time, as we recognize it, is a manmade entity. Days, hours, seconds, and the like, are a mere form of measurement used to maintain order and structure within our society. Yet, we have allowed the significance of time to transcend into influencing our behaviors and, as a result, into controlling our decisions. In recognizing this idea, the focus of this week’s post is learning to live without the constraints of time, so that you have greater freedom to accomplish your goals, and lead your life based upon your own schedule and agenda.

Timing is everything. Despite being a fairly commonplace phrase, I wonder how many of us have really reflected on what this means to us, or how much validity this saying holds. We are taught to believe that there is an appropriaphoto (30)te time for, or amount of time for, most every aspect of our lives. However, have you ever questioned who determined these intervals, or wondered what the logic is behind these expectations? I want to encourage you to be inquisitive, and investigate areas of your life where you feel time is a limiting factor. Similarly to how we have encouraged you to be unapologetically you in previous posts, we want to encourage you to take control of time, and set your own standards. Reflect on how “time” dictates the structure of your day, as well as your actions. Determine how you think your “time” should be spent, and why that is. The beauty of this life is that we are each unique, and have a set role within this universe that, in some capacity, connects us with every other being. Our paths are established based upon the energy we exude, which then affects the energy we attract, which is then reflected in the people and situations we have in our lives at any given time. I do not mean time in its quantifiable temporal form, but rather as a certain point, a period in the grand scheme of each of our lives, or even an instantaneous moment. We do not know where our path concludes, so there is no way we can know the gravity of

ephoto (29)vents, or people, in our lives until it becomes apparent.

So, stay open-minded. If we put too much weight into the appropriateness of the time that events occur in our lives, on our age, or in other areas where societal expectations and structure encourage certain behaviors or decisions, then it is that much more likely that we will miss opportunities, and amend our paths in ways that affect the design of our journey, and how we arrive at our end goal. While this is not necessarily negative, I recommend staying true to yourself, trusting your instinct, and ignoring the role time is expected to play in your life. This will help ensure that you maintain a path that is organic, and most comfortable for you. Love yourself enough to take your time each day, and make it your own. Live deliberately and with intention, and in a way that allows you to be engaged and present in all situations, and with all people. Fall in love “too fast”, be a little impulsive, and spend time in nature and other places that are free of the “time” that we have created. Set your own rules for timing, and do not worry about the judgment of others. Their “time” and journey is their own, as is yours.

I had a friend share this Joseph Campbell quote with me as I was writing this post, and thought it was too appropriate and fitting to not share. Speaking of serendipity, sometimes timing can work to your advantage. You just have to be ready to seize the moment, and vigilant to these opportunities.

“Eternity isn’t some later time. Eternity isn’t even a long time. Eternity has nothing to do with time. Eternity is that dimension of here and now that all thinking in temporal term cuts off. And if you don’t get it here, you won’t get it anywhere.”

Your soul is rooted in energy, which is neither created nor destroyed, so your soul is eternal. You have no beginning or end, only the present. Cherish and nurture your soul, and embrace every moment that you are alive. Love and respect yourself, and others, eternally. Do not let the fear of running out of “time” keep you from starting your journey.

How do you define “time”, and do you feel as though it has prevented you from accomplishing any goals, or anything else? How do you intend to live with less concern for “time” in the future?

We hope you enjoyed this piece, and that you give us some feedback!

Have a great week, living life more freely and without the stress of time 🙂

Love & Light,



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