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How To Live In The Moment and Be More Free Spirited

photo (25)On Friday night, two of my friends and I decided to ride our bikes to downtown Durham, North Carolina from our home near downtown Raleigh. We calculated that the trip would be about 45 miles roundtrip which, honestly, was about 30 miles more than any of us had ridden at one time before. However, at about 10:30 Saturday morning, we found ourselves hopping onto our bikes and starting our journey. Amazingly enough, we made the trip with virtually no problems, and ended up biking a total of 57 miles! In addition to some butt soreness, I gained a newfound perspective on, and respect for, my mind and body after our adventure. We are each capable of much more than what we initially think, and we can achieve most anything with a healthy mindset and maintenance of an active lifestyle. Therefore, we should each be conscious of not setting expectations for our capabilities, in order to not limit our access to opportunities to expand outside of our comfort zone. A little spontaneity, and responsible impulse decision-making, can take you a long way…literally. Due to having this mindset affirmed, we would like to dedicate this week’s Manifestation Monday post to inspiring you all to lead your lives with a little more spontaneity in the future, taking solace in knowing that you are powerful and resilient enough to do so.

Our Tips For How To Be More Free Spirited Each Day

  1. Trust yourself, and the universe.

You hold a large part of the power and resources that you need to succeed within yourself. If you recognize this fact and, as a result, pursue your passions and emit positive energy, the universe will also help guide you to your ultimate goal. Put faith into this symbiotic relationship, and everything will fall into place.

  1. Think positively.

When you think positively, you affect the energy that you are exuding into the universe. The more positively you think, the more positive energy you release, and the more positivity you attract. Always remember the law of attraction, and reflect on what people and situations you are hoping to bring into your life.

  1. Maintain a strong support system.

Although a large part of your success and happiness is innate, having a solid support system is also important to achieving your goals and reaching for your dreams. You cannot rise to your highest potential if you have the negativity of others holding you down. Find people who believe in you and your endeavors, and who will help you maintain a healthy balance between being grounded, and setting the highest goals possible. Once you have found these individuals, cherish them and keep them in your life!

  1. Live without fear of judgment.

Do not base your decisions or actions on how you believe others will react, or what they will think. You know yourself better than anyone else and, therefore, know what is best for you better than anyone else. As long as you are not hurting yourself or others, lead your life being unapologetically you.

  1. Be adaptable.

Life will always throw you unexpected twists, and there is no way to plan for everything. In order to maintain mental stability, and to remain positive even in tumultuous times, you must be flexible and ready for anything. If you lead your life perceiving that unexpected changes are just new opportunities for personal growth, then you will be much more productive, and at peace, as a whole.

  1. Do at least 1 unplanned activity each week.

Whether it be a random bike ride, starting a new book that you happen to see while out shopping, amongst other possibilities,photo (26) do at least one thing that is out of the ordinary each week. This will help you practice your adaptability, as well as explore new activities or subjects that you may not have realized you enjoy, or in which you have strengths. You are constantly growing, and there is always unchartered territory within yourself. Find it, and explore it.

  1. Reflect on the root of any anxiety associated with a lack of planning.

Take time each day to meditate, and think about why unexpected events or changes may result in anxiety or unhappiness. For us, we find that spontaneity or impulsiveness can sometimes cause uneasiness because our future is unknown, and that can be terrifying. Reflecting on this thought has allowed us to realize that we believe that everything happens for a reason. As long as we adapt, and manifest plans or opportunities from this initial lack of certainty, everything will work out for the best. The end result often times even supersedes your initial expectations. Meditate on your own concerns, and establish your own solutions. 

  1. Embrace and grow from discomfort.

As we alluded to in number 5, discomfort is not necessarily a bad thing. You are not testing your boundaries, and therefore not truly exploring yourself or your values, if you are always within your comfort zone. Become comfortable with discomfort, and look for the lessons within these new experiences.

  1. Do not set expectations for your own abilities.

Being spontaneous naturally involves a lack of expectations. While this is usually associated with physical plans, this also transcends into a lack of expectations regarding your own capabilities. Do not limit yourself unnecessarily, and seek out discomfort to ensure that you are learning more about yourself, and discovering your entire potential. You are only as strong and capable as you think you are, so remember that you build your own ceiling. We hope, however, that you do not construct a ceiling at all.

  1. Do not sweat the little things.

As we have mentioned, there is no way that you can predict everything that the universe is going to throw at you. There will be daily struggles that you will have to grapple with, and that will discourage and demoralize you if you allow them to do so. Again, be adaptable and stay positive. Nothing is ever as bad as it seems in the moment.

  1. Do not try to control the behaviors or actions of those around you.

Similarly to how you cannot control everyday events and changes, you also cannot control the people around you. You can, however, control how you react to these individuals. If you are leading your life without concern for the judgment of others, you also cannot judge them or their lifestyles. Focus on yourself and your own journey, and allow others to do the same.

  1. Breathe.

It is as simple as that. Relax, breathe, and remember that everything always works out for the best.

How do you intend to be more spontaneous this week? Share stories and pictures of your own adventures and discoveries, we would love to see them!

As always, thank you for reading! We hope you have been inspired to be less inhibited, and more free spirited, this week 🙂 Love and Light, HR


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