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5 Ways To Be Thankful This Holiday

You all know that we love making and eating food, but as the holiday draws nearer, we would like to discuss the less tangible side of this day. We are referring to the idea of thankfulness, which we recognize is a bit easier to lose sight of as a result of the stress that also comes with the holiday season. As a result, we would like to share a few ways that we intend to remind ourselves to express gratitude, in the hopes that these tips help you to do the same this week, and every week after that.

The basic definition of “thankfulness” is to be aware and appreciative of a benefit. While we are sure you are reading this and thinking…”Well, duh”, we think that we can all admit that this is easier read than done. We live within a society that encourages competition between individuals, and that has established a hierarchy amongst the population that is based upon what you have or do not have. Focus and value is placed more heavily on material possessions, as opposed to less standardized, less palpable, and more sentimental items or characteristics. What needs to be realized is that our priorities and what we place the most importance in is unique to each of us.

In thinking this way, we believe the first step to being thankful is to…

  1. Think about what you appreciate most in your life, and reflect on why that is.

Do not judge yourself, or others, based upon what this may be. We each find happiness in different places, and we are all better people when we are truly happy. Make a list of every item, person, or characteristic within yourself that you are proud of, and from which you gain fulfillment and satisfaction. Nothing is too small, or meaningless. If we spent as much time focusing on the little things in our lives that make us happy, as we do concerning ourselves with the little struggles or obstacles we each encounter every day, we would begin to transition into a much more positive perspective and mindset. As a result of thinking more positively, and acknowledging small victories, you will begin to attract more joy and satisfaction into your life as a whole.

We can all think of at least one person who has played a significant role in our life and who has assisted us in getting to where we are today. Think about who this person is, or who these people are, and…

  1. Express thankfulness to those who have supported and loved you.

While you should take pride in your own achievements, and take credit for your accomplishments, remain cognizant of the fact that these would not be possible without some degree of involvement from others. Make sure that you take time to reflect on whom these people are and how they have helped you, and take the time to thank them. Do this in whatever way is most representative of you, and most fitting to your relationship with this individual. Whether that be a letter, an e-mail, a gift, or time spent together, make sure that you show your support system care. We all deserve love and respect, and you will be expressing both to whoever has helped you by showing that you are aware of the time and energy that they have dedicated to you, especially when you repay that love, respect, time, and energy back.

Now that you have recognized the support and care that you have received in your lifetime, also be aware that not everyone has had the same privilege that you have. As a result…

  1. Express thankfulness for your own opportunity by providing opportunity for others.

There is no greater way to remember your own fortune, and the reasons that you should be thankful each day, other than recognizing that others have not had the same advantages as you. There is also no greater way to express gratitude for the opportunities that you have been granted than to give back to your community, and to help others find their own opportunities for success and happiness. You can do this through volunteering and donating your time to working with individuals who are less fortunate than you, or through donating money to nonprofits that work with neglected populations. You could tutor, serve food at a soup kitchen, inspire others to believe in themselves through positive thinking, among many other things. Be compassionate, and kind to everyone with whom you interact. You may not know someone’s exact needs, but it is guaranteed that any person will always benefit from the love, companionship, and happiness of another individual. Use your thankfulness to be that love, and to show understanding and respect to everyone that you meet.

Conversely, while you should express love to others, also make sure to show love to yourself. So…

  1. Express thankfulness to yourself through self-love.

You cannot expect to help others, or be a productive and conscious individual, without first caring for yourself. Preserve your physical, mental, and spiritual health in whatever ways that are effective for you. Take time each day to be alone, and to evaluate your happiness and where you are on your path. This can be accomplished through meditation, self-reflection, or while doing an activity that you love. Take time to forget about your daily stresses, and to indulge yourself with foods, people, or activities that bring you happiness. Love yourself enough to be completely happy each day, if even for 30 minutes. You will see that in even taking some time to do this, your entire mindset and overall health will be shifted for the better.

 Finally, life would not be possible for any of us without the resources that our surroundings and environment provide. Therefore…

  1. Express thankfulness to the Earth by spending time reconnecting with nature and living more sustainably each day.

After eating your meal, make time to go outside and get some fresh air. This can be accomplished through a walk, a game outside with your family and/or friends, or any other outdoor activity that is true to you and your habits. While outside, reflect on the magnificence of Mother Nature, how much she provides to us each day, and the necessity behind respecting and protecting her. Our surroundings existed much longer before we did, and will continue to exist much longer after we are gone. Be humbled by this fact, and always keep that thought in the back of your mind. Live sustainably and in a way that has the least impact on your environment as possible. Reduce your waste, reuse and repurpose products whenever possible, and recycle what you are unable to continue to utilize yourself. Make at least one promise to yourself about how you will amend your lifestyle to maintain the health of your environment, and inspire others to do the same. The collective effort of many individual actions is what will lead to legitimate change.

What are you thankful for? How do you intend to express your gratitude this week? The week(s) after that?

Thank you all for reading, and we hope you enjoy some good food and good times with others this week! Remember to be appreciative of both 🙂

Love and Light,



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