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Universal Love

As some of you may know, we are currently working hard to continue to develop Holistic Rendezvous, while also relocating to Colorado. We have begun to recognize, now more than ever, that we would not be able to transition into this next phase of our lives without the love and reinforcement from our friends, family, and even acquaintances, with whom we have shared our plan. As a result, we have also realized how valuable it is for us to also assist others, encourage them to pursue dreams of their own and, ultimately, to love them. We have spoken a good amount about loving yourself and pursuing your passions, but we would like to dedicate this Manifestation Monday post to discuss the importance of love and respect for others, as well as for supporting their passions and endeavors. photo Everyone needs, and deserves, to be loved and accepted. Roy Baumeister and Mark Leary wrote a paper on the need to belong in 1995 stating, “human beings have a pervasive drive to form and maintain at least a minimum quantity of lasting, positive, and significant interpersonal relationships.” No matter how technology-driven and competitive our society has become, the need for love from others is necessary for a balanced spirit, and a healthy mind and body. We can all admit to times where we have felt excluded, or unappreciated and forgotten, and we can also recall the hurt and negativity we felt in that moment. In remembering those times, we should reflect on the importance of compassion for, and understanding of, others, so that those isolating feelings and behaviors are not perpetuated. Exemplify the treatment and interactions that you would like to receive, and remember that we are all human. In being so, we all need relationships with others, and need to feel wanted and like we belong. photo (15) With as diverse as our society is, there are many opportunities for personalities and lifestyles to not coincide between individuals, and groups. We may find ourselves judging or disliking others before really knowing them as people. This is often out of fear of the unknown, a lack of understanding of the logic behind their actions or behaviors, and also because we may be forced to confront an insecurity of our own. As opposed to jumping to conclusions regarding the people with whom you coexist, consider taking the time to get to know them, and to better understand how they developed into the individuals they are today. Take a moment to look at yourself, and to think about why they are stirring up the emotions that they are within you. Confront your feelings, and do your best to explain them to yourself. Perhaps this individual reminds you of a person in your past with whom you disagreed, or who hurt you. Maybe they possess characteristics that you wished you saw in yourself, and you are subconsciously jealous. It may be that they are from a different culture than yours, or were raised in a different environment, and their values contradict your own. Regardless of the reasoning, take the time to either get to know yourself on a deeper level, or to leave your comfort zone and get to know the other individual better. It is the differences between all of us that make the world beautiful, and dynamic. Instead of hurting and hating, we should all be more conscious and willing to learn from, and love, one another. As we have mentioned in previous posts, we all serve a purpose and have a specific place within the universe. In recognizing this idea, you will also realize that we all ultimately benefit from the success of others who share our ecosystem, as there will be more positive energy that becomes part of the equation that guides us all each day. With greater love, support, and encouragement for, and from, your fellow (wo)man, the greater the end products and progress that results.

We challenge you to spend some time this week to meditate, and reflect on what characteristics you value in other people, and how you establish relationships with others. In being aware of how you choose, and attract, the people who surround you, you may better understand why you are not as accepting of those outside of that group. Think about an instance where you found yourself judging someone else, and try to figure out why you were doing so. What is it about them that you did not like, and why? If at any point this week you catch yourself in a similar situation, and you are scrutinizing someone from a distance, stop yourself. Consider having a legitimate conversation with that person to hear more about their perspective, and to learn how they established their values and beliefs. If you disagree, communicate openly, and educate them on your own opinions. When you are compassionate and respectful of others, you inspire them to behave in the same manner towards the following people whom they meet.

If you find yourself judging others, how do you remedy the situation? How do you define open-mindedness, and what tips do you have regarding how to stay open-minded towards others?


We hope you enjoyed this post, and that you are more willing to get to know a few people with whom you may have been hesitant to speak with in the past! Thanks guys, until next time!  Love & Light, HR


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