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Life’s Lessons

Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know

– Pema Chodron

We cannot reiterate enough how fully we believe that everything happens for a reason. Every action, every interaction, every decision made is all part of a set path that we each walk within the universe. There are daily signs and situations that we are each presented with that can be considered nudges, and it is our choice whether or not we recognize these guiding points along our journey. We may notice trends within our lives, patterns in our choices and the events surrounding us, as well as in the types of people we attract. We have been taking time to notice some of these details within our own lives recently, so we would like to dedicate this week’s post to the idea of using signs from the universe to get to know yourself on a deeper level.


Have you ever felt like a certain situation has been recurring in your life, or that you have encountered problems that all surround the same core decision that has to be made? This is not a coincidence. These repeated challenges and catalyzed decision paths are present within your life to serve a specific purpose. These moments hold a lesson that you need to learn to develop yourself, and move past this specific dilemma or unaddressed question, in order to achieve greater fulfillment and self-understanding. As supported by the law of attraction, if there is some questioning or uncertainty within your mind, whether that is on a conscious or subconscious level, your actions, thoughts, and perspective will all be impacted. As a result, you will exude a certain level of energy that has enough pull within your life to continue to attract different scenarios, or people, that are meant to help you come to a conclusion or solution regarding your incertitude.

These “tests” will often make you uncomfortable, and make you question your current place on your path. However, do not hide or run from these trials from the universe, in an attempt to avoid having to confront whatever doubt is lingering in your mind and preventing you from achieving your goals. The lesson will only disappear once you have learned whatever information is hidden within it, and once you are on your way to personal betterment and growth.

We are often afraid to get to know ourselves on a deep level, for fear that we will not like what we see. We challenge you to lose this aversion to learning greater truths about yourself and sacrificing your long-term happiness, in order to fit into a mold that has been set for you by your past experiences, or by society. Concealing your true thoughts or feelings, or trying to escape from uncomfortable situations or memories, not only prevents you from learning new things about yourself that you may love and be proud of, but also allows you to continue to suppress characteristics that make you uncomfortable and that you may desire to work on changing. You must first acknowledge any weakness or pain you are experiencing, in order to discover the root of the issue, and allow yourself to move on. Be open to life lessons, and learn from them.

 Learning from the Universe

Each of our journeys are unique, but we would like to provide some general tips regarding how to recognize signs from the universe, and the most effective ways to learn from these occurrences.

1. Maintain a journal. Keep track of different signs, or hints regarding your journey, that the universe is providing. Write them down at the end of each day and see if you can recognize a pattern, or a hidden answer that connects all of these small events. The more you write down, the more you will attract situations that will further help you reason through your question, or dilemma.

2. Change your perspective. If you are mistreated, or hit a patch of “bad luck”, approach these unfortunate circumstances head on and fully confront them. As opposed to focusing on the negativity surrounding this time, see what you can learn from the situation. This could be as simple as go to sleep earlier so that you are more functional the following day, versus a lesson as complex as losing someone you love in order to have some time to better get to know you.

3. Meditate and self-reflect. Take at least 30 minutes each day to be completely alone, and reflect on any uncertainty, unhappiness, or discomfort you are currently experiencing on your journey. Meditation helps you to release stress that has been accumulating within your system, while also allowing you to reflect on your day, goals, and overall path, without the distractions of every day life. Think about any self-doubt or questioning you have been experiencing, but also focus on positive energy and aspects of your life that you are currently happy with, and in which you take pride.

4. Be open. Try to be as open to all of life’s challenges and lessons as you possibly can be, no matter how difficult they may be. It is easy to run away from situations that are painful and make us uncomfortable, but we are delaying our long-term happiness for this immediate relief. Be open to discomfort and insecurity, and try to find the source of these feelings, and how to utilize them to make yourself stronger. Do not hide behind band-aid solutions, such as materialistic possessions, alcohol, drugs, relationships, or other things that allow us to lose part of our true selves. Be open to learning, and changing for the better.

5. Be decisive. Do not let indecision be your decision. If the universe presents you with a sign or situation designed to help you progress towards your goals, be confident and deliberate with your actions. Take risks, and pursue the opportunities that are given to you that coincide with what makes you happy. Once you make, or commit to,  a decision the universe conspires with you to create this reality.

Please share any signs that you have been receiving from the universe recently, or examples of when you followed nudges from the universe and greatly benefitted from that trust! We would love for you to inspire us, as well as help to inspire others!

Thank you, and have a conscious and enlightened week 🙂

Love and Light,



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