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herbaceous garbanzo bean salad

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This is one of the simplest and most delicious salads that you can make and you can easily diversify it by adding in more or less ingredients to make it pleasing to your particular palate.

In this recipe, I used fresh ingredients from the farmers market to jazz it up. These tomatoes were OUT OF THIS WORLD, so I decided to add them in! Seriously, the best tomatoes I’ve had all year…thank you sweet lady at the farmers market! She recommended these and she was absolutely on point.

photo 3

This recipe utilized all local ingredients except for the garbanzo beans and dulse which I added as a booster to the meal. A booster food is a powerful food that is typically consumed in small quantities and packs a huge nutritional punch. Since seaweeds are extremely high in minerals, they are an amazing booster food to add to meals, especially since foods in the United States are lacking in minerals due to poor soil (just one reason to go organic!).

The herbs I included in this dish are also considered booster foods since they have so many phytochemical properties, so I like to load the salad with them, making it more of an herby salad than a bean salad…hence the name herbaceous garbanzo bean salad!

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 12.04.56 AM

While sustainable Sunday is all about utilizing local ingredients, we also want to highlight some ingredients that can be sustainable due to the innate nature of how they grow and their price, which helps them be a sustainable choice for you. Beans are easy to grow in large amounts and are cheap, which is great when you are on a budget. You will save even more money by buying dried beans and cooking them yourself. Plus, this gives you a chance to sprout your beans first to add to their health benefits and make them more easily digestible, which is definitely important for beans, since they can cause gas and bloating. It also makes them a living food, which is so amazing to be apart of…and just check out how cute they are!



  • garbanzo beans
  • parsley
  • celery
  • onion
  • salt
  • olive oil (we LOVE truffle olive oil…it makes such a difference.)
  • lemon juice

^^These are the basic ingredients that I use in this salad, but I also add depending on my mood.  For instance, this week I added:

  • tomatoes
  • cilantro
  • dulse (seaweed)


  • Chop celery, herbs, and onion into bite size pieces (plus whatever other ingredients you choose to add)
  • Add all of these ingredients together with garbanzo beans, salt, and olive oil in desired amounts.

NOTE: I did not give exact measurements because that is up to the individual. I like to make a very herbaceous salad to reap the benefits of these amazing herbs. While parsley is the typical herb used, you can add in cilantro, mint, basil, or whatever else your heart desires. These herbs have amazing antioxidant properties and compounds that are so powerful for your health. For instance, cilantro and parsley help leach heavy metals from you body, basil releases oils which provide anti-bacterial benefits, and mint is amazing at easing stomach issues.


photo 5

Let us know what you are making for #sustainablitysunday by tagging us @holisticrendezvous on Facebook or instagram and using the hashtag #holisticrendezvous! We love to see you make our recipes!


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