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Enjoy the Ride

When you see the wisdom and compassion of the Universe, relax into your life, and do your best; there is nothing more that you can do. – Gary Zukav

Life loves to throw us twists and turns, and present us with unexpected events that often seem to be tests and/or game changers. We find ourselves grappling with decisions, as we try to figure out how to best react to our current situation. This is especially true for us right now, as both HR founders were recently in car accidents. More specifically, these misfortunes were literally one week from each other, and the latter accident disabled Blair from driving to Colorado for her planned relocation the following day. We are so thankful that neither of us was hurt, and that our accidents were not more severe. However, these events have potentially set us back in the plans and expectations we had set for our business, and lives, in the near future. We have both been reflecting a great deal to figure out how we should interpret this series of unfortunate events, as well as how to best move forward from here. We have been asking ourselves whether the universe is trying to send us a message, or protect us in some way, or whether we are just over analyzing a common occurrence? The result of all of this thought is that we are focusing this week’s post on learning how to trust the universe, as well as your own intuition, in order to maintain positivity, inner peace, and to stay true to our aspirations. joseph campbell According to Joseph Campbell, an American mythologist, writer, and lecturer, humanity is not familiar with the literature of the spirit, as we are too focused on the “news of the day and the problems of the hour.”  We are not able to get acquainted with our inner life, as we are too distracted by everyday external concerns. When a negative event takes place, our first instinct is to perceive this predicament as a setback, and then proceed to react immediately to mediate the unfavorable feelings that follow soon after. In order to think productively, and establish long-term solutions that will be most beneficial to you, we suggest that you take a step back and breathe. Create some time to fully assess the situation, and to decide how to react in a way that will allow you to achieve whatever goal you had previously set, or perhaps set a new goal that is more true to you. Change your mindset and perspective regarding the situation in a way that is more positive and places more faith in the universe. Remember, and even repeat…

Everything happens for a reason and everything will work out for the best.

Recognize that the universe does not make mistakes. If you are pursuing your passions and have good intentions, all things will fall into place at the right time. The universe does not recognize the past, present, or future, and it does not follow a timeline. We often set schedules for ourselves due to societal expectations, or due to a certain plan we have established or envisioned for our lives. While it is good to be proactive and set goals for yourself, make sure that you are also open to any changes that may arise. This will prevent a great deal of disappointment, and discouragement, that often results when the order you believed existed within your life suddenly seems to be disappearing. Try to embrace this perceived chaos, and just enjoy the ride. Sit down and make a list of all of the ways that you can interpret the hand of cards that you have been dealt. It may be beneficial to do this from both a personal view, as well as from a rational and more objective third party view. From there, make a list of the different ways that you can handle the situation, rank these possibilities based upon feasibility, and then establish how each option could be accomplished. Trust your intuition, and listen to your inner voice if it is trying to have a presence. Perhaps you have a subconscious desire that you were unaware of, and that may have been affecting your actions thus far to have led up to this event that was supposedly out of your control. While this very well may not be the case, it is beneficial to know that there is not some hidden desire, or reservation, within you that is molding your path. The universe recognizes when you make a decision, and conspires with you to make it true. We believe that this includes decisions you have made on a non-conscious level. Make time to meditate and spend some time alone, in order to let this voice be heard. If anything, always remember this.  Stay true to yourself and believe in your dreams. We are all on a set and unique path within the universe. Regardless of the forks in the road or diversions from a definitive direction, you will end up where you were meant to be at the end of your journey.

What challenges have you all been facing recently, and how are you handling these obstacles? When was a time that you trusted your intuition, and how did the situation end? Share your stories and opinions with us, we would love to hear from you!

We hope you all have a positive and productive week, no matter what the universe throws at you 🙂 

Love & Light, HR


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