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Finding Harmony

A man is but the product of his thoughts – what he thinks, he becomes.

Mahatma Gandhi

We discussed the idea of self-love in last week’s post, and making time to participate in activities that you enjoy, and that will challenge you to get to know yourself on a deeper level. In order to accomplish these things, there must also be a certain level of harmony, or balance, within your life. As previously discussed, we are constantly surrounded with different stressors and pressures each day, typically unexpected life events and a variety of responsibilities that interrupt our level of stability and security. It is easy to centralize our thoughts and level of hope on these negative moments and feelings, and throw off the the natural tranquility that is meant to exist within our lives. We would like to utilize this post to educate you on two universal laws believed to govern our existence, that may help you to keep a more positive mindset when it feels as though you are caught in a rip current and unsure of how to get out.

1. The Universal Law of Harmony

The universal law of harmony is the idea that certain universal energy constants exist, and when aligned with these forces, you will have the ability to manifest opulence and prosperity. When your energy is harmonized, you will begin to notice that everything begins to fall into place and work out for the best, coincidences yield legitimate and beneficial results, and you begin to attract the resources and other forms of assistance that you need to accomplish your present goals. Similarly to love, this harmony must not only exist within yourself, but also with those around you. As expected, your lifestyle affects and determines the amount of harmony you have within yourself. Be conscious of your mindset and how you choose to spend your time, because your emotional and physical mindset determine the types of opportunities, people, and energy you attract. Find comfort in knowing that you have all the solutions to whatever obstacles you are facing within yourself. In order to retrieve these answers, however, you must make time to reflect, establish your goals, and set strong intentions to accomplish them.

The other side of this law is the idea of establishing harmony with other people.This requires you to love and accept others for who they are, despite the fact that their values, culture, choices, and other characteristics may be different than your own. This not only facilitates the maintenance of a more positive and open mindset each day, as we are all constantly interacting with others, but it also allows you to attract people with similar attitudes. In attracting and surrounding yourself with individuals who are as equally balanced and peaceful as you, you will find yourself in healthier relationships. Not only that, but you will observe that harmonizing with one another results in an even higher level of energy produced and emitted, further attracting abundance and success into your life, and the life of those with whom you associate. By accepting others, you put yourself on an equal plane to them, yielding a mutual and symbiotic relationship in which all parties are benefitted. This ties into the belief that we are all interconnected, as we are all part of the greater universe, and must work together instead of engaging in conflicts with one another, in order to better mankind as a whole.

2. The Universal Law of Attraction

The universal law of attraction presents the idea that wherever you focus the most energy, and whatever you spend the most time concentrating on, is what you will attract into your life. This can include people, money, success, love…anything that you can hone in on by spending time and energy. In a more scientific sense, this law implies that like attracts like, so entities similar in nature will naturally gravitate towards one another, because they magnetize each other into their own field. Everything in the universe is composed of energy, and vibrates at a certain frequency. In order to attract what you are seeking, you must put yourself at the same frequency by dedicating time to reflecting and thinking about your goal, so that the energy you emit is at the appropriate vibrational frequency and resonates with what you desire.

In relation to the universal law of harmony, if you would like to attract more peace and balance into your life, then you must actually become more peaceful and balanced in your mindset and behaviors. Nurture yourself and your needs, and learn how to best work with and be understanding of others. Make sure that you live your life with moderation in mind, because too much of anything is capable of shifting your energies in a way that will lead to asymmetry in your mind, body, or spirit. Remember to be kind to others because, in doing so, you will attract individuals whom are kind to you.

Deepak Chopra, a public speaker and physician well-known for his advocation of alternative medicine, exemplifies this idea with this quote.

“Whatever relationships you have attracted in your life at this moment, are precisely the ones that you need in your life at this moment. There is a hidden meaning behind all events, and this hidden meaning is serving your own evolution.”

Overall, in order to continue to develop and grow as a conscious individual, you must reflect and focus on the type of life you would like to lead, and what you would like to accomplish for yourself.

Here are exercises that will help you appropriately focus your energy and determine exactly what, or whom, you would like to attract into your life at this time. 


1. Start each day by meditating on what you hope to accomplish, whether that be a short-term or long-term goal. The idea behind this exercise is to focus your energy and thoughts on these ambitions, so that you not only put more work towards accomplishing them, but you also adjust your vibrational frequency to better attract these aspirations into your life.

2. Start a journal of “coincidences” that happen each day, big or small, that you feel brought you closer to accomplishing your goals. For example, if you hoped to save money one day, and then ended up unexpectedly receiving a free meal, this would be an occurrence to note. In maintaining this journal, you not only boost your mood by focusing on the positive aspects of each day, but you also begin to improve your ability to recognize signs from the universe, and how it is working with you and matching your energy to achieve your goals. In deliberately spending some time each day to reflect and appreciate events that made your hopes seem within reach, you are enabling yourself to amend your energy in a way that will continue to attract similar beneficial instances.

So, start this week with a positive mindset, and focus your energy in a way that attracts happiness and success into your life! Take time to care for yourself, as well as others, and maintain balance and harmony in all that you do. Please feel free to share whatever occurrences that you are comfortable publicizing, and comment below! We would love to hear how you all are attracting positivity, love, and success into your own lives 🙂

Have a wonderful and fruitful week!

Love and Light, HR



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