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who sells seafood by the seashore?

photo 3If you are lucky enough to live in an area that has fresh and local seafood available, then you are especially lucky during the warm summer months because there is an abundance of shrimp!

While a large part of the HR lifestyle is consuming a plant-based diet, we also think local animal proteins can have their place in a healthful and holistic diet (if you wish to consume them). There are many things to consider when choosing to consume flesh proteins. Today, we want to talk about consuming sustainable seafood and some of the easiest ways to prepare it!

Crustaceans, shellfish, and shrimp can all be great sources of protein, but even seafood has been tainted with unsustainable practices. One of the biggest things to consider when purchasing your seafood is making sure that it is wild -caught. If it is not wild-caught, then it has been farm-raised, which may seem like a more sustainable choice at the surface, but is actually quite disgusting. Here is an article showing some disgusting facts about farm-raised shrimp. Basically, these shrimp are packed tight together in water that is unable to be filtered properly, so they are swimming in their own defecation…gross. This leads to use of antibiotics, that are often banned in the U.S. since farm-raised shrimp typically come from overseas.


Another issue with seafood is overfishing. The best way to not contribute to this is by
consuming minimal amounts of seafood. We feel like this is a similar issue to the ecologic issues associated with meat/chicken production. Our over-consumption of flesh proteins has lead to unhealthy raising, or in this case fishing standards.

Oceana has a great website that gives you the best options for purchasing seafood. This guide is specific to the entire U.S., but there are also region specific guides.

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 8.23.46 AM



  • One of the EASIEST/SIMPLEST way to cook shrimp is boiling them with their heads on! This gives them extra flavor and they are cheaper to purchase. Then, all you have to do is throw the shrimp in some boiling water.
  • You can also sautee or grill your shelled shrimp easily, but this means you have to shell them…ain’t nobody got time for dat šŸ˜‰

Once you make your shrimp, serve them with a delicious salsa made from local tomatoes, corn, and peppers, or make this amazing cilantro chile sauce that my amazing sister makes!



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