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True Colors

There is so much pressure on each of us every day. Whether the source of this stress is a job, a partner, society, or even our own expectations, there are a multitude of opportunities for feelings of inadequacy to break through. It is easy to let these thoughts suffocate your strengths, your dreams, your passions, your hopes – unique characteristics that make you who you are. This is a challenge that we all grapple with each day, working to fend off negative thoughts that lead to self-destruction. As we all know, this task is more difficult for some than others. After several recent events, we would like to dedicate this Manifestation Monday post to self-love, and provide tools to help you stay positive and remember how beautiful and special you truly are.

Our existence is deliberate. Like in any ecosystem, each component has a set role, and is necessary to maintain a certain energy level, a homeostasis, that keeps the complex thriving. In the same way, you have a set role, and purpose, within the universe. Remember this when you start to question yourself, or your own value. The structure of our society is hierarchical, and often causes us to compare ourself to others. In doing so, we can lower our own self-esteem, limit our potential, and become more tolerant of unhealthy situations and treatment. You deserve love and respect not only from others, but especially yourself! With as many responsibilities as we give ourselves, and with an innate desire for acceptance from others, it is easy to forget about our own needs. Too often, we forget to make time to do activities we enjoy, or that bring us happiness. Remind yourself to take time to exercise, go outside, indulge in good foods, or do whatever brings you the greatest level of satisfaction and allows your true self to shine. We have been trained to think that “Me Time” is an indulgence, and that you have to work very hard in order to deserve these moments. We would like you to remember that if you feel like you need to take a break, or need to spend some time away to sort yourself out, do it!

Fact: In 2000, Psychosomatic Medicine looked at 12,000 men over nine years and found that those who failed to take annual vacations had a 21% higher risk of death from all causes, and they were 32% more likely to die of a heart attack.

That is an astounding statistic, that further reflects the necessity of time for yourself. However, we would also like to point out that if you feel as though you constantly need to escape your life, or are unhappy with your current career or overall path, it may be time to pursue something different. Refer to last week’s Manifestation Monday post, if you need a little encouragement and a reminder that you can accomplish your dreams, and follow your passions. You deserve to enjoy your job and be happy EVERY DAY.

Fact: Researchers at the business and medical schools at Tel Aviv University found that employees who were dissatisfied with their jobs developed heart problems at a 79% higher rate than their less-stressed cohorts.

It is clear that mental health plays a huge role in physical health, so make sure that you take the time to preserve both, and love yourself enough to recognize that you need and deserve it!

You are a perfectly imperfect being. What does that mean? It means that you are going to make mistakes, and feel a sense of guilt or regret at certain points in your life. However, these moments need to be seen as learning experiences. They are not only times to learn what to do when you are presented with a similar situation, or dilemma, but also opportunities to learn more about yourself. While it is important to make time to develop your strengths, do not fear reflecting and growing from your weaknesses. These are harder to confront, and may reflect a deeper aspect of yourself that has been suppressed. You may have never discovered these feelings because they were hidden in pain, discomfort, or insecurity. Be patient and encouraging with yourself. Society has pre-set expectations of how perfection looks, and has standardized success. We would like to remind you that perfection looks different for everyone, as does achievement. What provides each of us with satisfaction and fulfillment is unique, so establish what these things look like to you, and love yourself enough to pursue them, and believe that you can. Set goals and realistic timelines. Be understanding and forgiving of yourself, and realize that if you do not accomplish a goal by your original deadline, that it is okay. If you still tried your hardest and focused your energy on your objective, there is no point in beating yourself up or giving up on your ambitions. You will get there when the time is right, and be proud of yourself regardless, for completing the task. Most importantly, you will also have the end result that you desired.

Holistic Rendezvous is a huge proponent of self-reflection and mediation, and we believe that these are great way to set some time each day to think about your goals, and to check in on yourself. As we have seen, by maintaining your mental and spiritual health, you are also preserving your physical wellness. Here are some tips to help you remember to love yourself each day.

Tips for Daily Self-Love

1. Say at least 10 affirmations to yourself in the mirror each morning. 

“I am beautiful, I am intelligent, I have the ability to pursue my dreams, I am valuable, etc…” 

2. Take at least 30 minutes each day to have be alone, and do a healthy activity that you truly enjoy. This could be number 3!

3. Move your body, get your heart rate up, and break a sweat at least once each day! Maintaining your physical health is vital for promoting emotional and spiritual health!

4. Set at least one goal for the day that will lead to betterment of yourself, no matter how simple or small, and accomplish it. 

5. Write down at least one weakness, or insecurity, that you want to reflect on throughout the day. Recognize when you encounter it, and think about the emotions it brings up.Where is the source of this discomfort? How do you feel most comfortable, and able, to deal with it? 

6. Maintain positivity, and remember your strengths. Think about how you can best use them to help yourself, and others. 

7. Write down any guilt or self-loathing that you may be harboring. Try to recall what event, or person, may have caused these feelings. Forgive yourself, and anyone else who may have hurt you, and destroy the piece of paper. Let go of this negative energy, and move forward. 

8. Say at least 10 affirmations to yourself before bed. They can be the exact same ones you told yourself in the morning :)

Just For Fun

Here is a beautiful sound clip that those of you who would like to try meditation, or those of you who are already practicing, may listen to while you do so. Buddhist monks have long utilized Tibetan singing bowls for meditation, and some alternative medicine practitioners have utilized them to combat certain health conditions. It is believed that the vibrations can produce beneficial changes within the body by reducing stress, harmonizing the cells, and balancing the body’s energy systems.

This particular clip is intended to stimulate your Heart Chakra, the love center of your energy system that is often the focus to bring about healing and unconditional love. It is the balance between your body and spirit.

We hope you enjoy this clip as much as we do, and remember to focus on loving yourself while you listen!

Love and Light,






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