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28 day arbonne detox

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best protein shake ever

photo 2I have been posting a lot about the detox that I am doing, so I wanted to share with all of you a little more about it. I am doing this cleanse with arbonne supplementation. While you do not have to have special products while doing a cleanse, it does help make the process easier. It also gives you direction and support rather than just going all out on a cleanse on your own.

This cleanse focuses on eliminating allergenic, addictive, and acidic foods to neutralize the pH of your body and remove inflammation. Going gluten free is a huge trend right now, so you have probably heard how food sensitivities can make you gain weight, give you a foggy brain, and just decease your health. This detox focuses on removing gluten since 50% of the population is estimated to have some type of intolerance, but it also focuses on other foods that tend to be allergenic or acidic in nature.

In this cleanse you remove, gluten, peanuts, soy, dairy, corn, sugar, coffee, alcohol, photo 3‘white’ foods, and artificial sweeteners/ preservatives. I know this seems like a lot of restrictions, but it honestly just opens you up to a different way of eating, which is kind of the point of this detox! You don’t have to continually restrict yourselves from these foods forever, but as you re-introduce foods you can see how they make you feel and if there is a possible sensitivity.

I love this detox because you are meant to EAT…you don’t restrict calories, go on an all liquid diet, or cut out major food groups. You fuel your body with healthy protein, carbs, and fats, allowing you to keep your energy levels high, rather than feeling depleted like some cleanses. Not only that, but you get tons of amazing information throughout the detox on how to transform your dietary habits and why. You don’t just go through the cleanse following directions, you learn so that you can apply this new way of eating into your life and keep the amazing feeling you will get during this cleanse for life.


I didn’t change my diet much because I already have a fairly clean diet and I have still experience TONS OF ENERGY, clearer skin (and i already have clear skin), better bowel movements, less bloating, and just clearer thinking..I haven’t felt foggy at all. My workouts have been full of energy and I just feel great.

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I am tired of cleanses promising tons of weight loss and a naturally toned body just by using products. A product will not fight fat or give you an amazing body like you might see in before and after pictures. Not only is it easy to manipulate pictures by standing differently, using different lighting, etc., but that also portrays that weight loss is all that this is about. Yes, on this cleanse you will probably lose weight and feel amazing, but more importantly, you learn how to make healthy living your lifestyle. You learn how to enjoy foods in moderation, why to eat organic, what foods are good for you and why, which foods are better to limit or eliminate from your diet and SO much more! So, if weight loss is your goal, this ‘cleanse’ will allow you to jumpstart your weight loss the healthy way that will last.


I also love that these products are vegan, soy free, gluten free, contain no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners, and have no cholesterol or trans fats. This detox however is not vegan, but you are consuming more vegan meals, which as you can see below is awesome for the environment! I also want to state that these have been tested for heavy metals, which is super important because a lot of vegan protein powders have been found to have high levels of heavy metals.

photo 1 copy 2
photo 1

Please contact me if you would like to find out more what this is all about. It is truly an incredible product and an amazing program!


***All of the foods pictured above can be eaten on the detox…seriously YUM


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