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About Time!

photo 3About Time is a fabulous company because it is their goal to use minimal ingredients, while still providing a delicious and effective product. I have used their whey isolate protein and their AUX pre-workot (you can find that review here).

If you are lifting weights and trying to change your body composition, it is extremely important to be consuming a protein powder after your workout. Not only does this send essential protein directly to your muscles in the easiest digestible form, but it also helps you reach your protein goals for the day.

If you are trying to lose weight, it is also extremely important to eat enough or more protein than before because it helps your body retain lean muscle mass more easily on a restricted calorie diet. If you diet and eat less protein, your body will lose muscle mass, decreasing your metabolism and making it more difficult for you to lose weight as time goes on. Any time you ‘diet’ or attempt to lose weight you will lose some of your muscle mass, but eating enough protein and using post-workout protein shakes will help you maintain it.

One cool thing about About Time’s protein is that it is a whey isolate. Isolate’s are different than a whey concentrate protein powder because they are:

  • lactose free; This means that they are suitable for people with a lactose allergy. About time is also gluten free, so they really made sure their product was suitable for those with allergies.
  • An isolate is also lower in calories and contains more protein per serving, which is good if you are on a weight loss diet.
  • Isolates are also more readily absorbed and create a higher insulin response, which is great post-workout.

About time uses no artificial sweeteners and has zero grams of sugar. It is only sweetened with stevia!

About time’s protein powder also has no growth hormones, HOWEVER, their whey does not come from grass fed cows, which is my only disappointment. I have done a little research on this though… When you purchase grass-fed products, most of the benefits are in the fatty acid content, so with a whey product it isn’t as important. The fats have mostly been removed at this point. In my opinion and from what I have researched, grass-fed is still the best. People with lactose allergies and stomach issues have stated that the grass-fed product has alleviated these issues. I also realize that there are times when you cannot have everything perfect, so a protein powder might be a better place to not worry as much about finding a grass-fed product.


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