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Go Gnarly!

photo 4goGNARLY might just be one of my all time favorite brands! This company has amazing products that are full of heart. They make their product with the best possible ingredients and nothing unnecessary.

They also might have my all time favorite protein powder, at least my favorite whey protein powder anyways. This brand is absolutely amazing and kind of blows my mind. If I were to create a whey protein powder… this would be it.

The whey protein comes from grassfed cows! This is important from a nutritional aspect as well as for the humane raising of animals! They also use nothing artificial or unnecessary in their products. Plus they add a digestive enzyme blend to help you absorb the protein more easily! Check out these excerpt from their site about their whey protein!

Grassfed whey!

“Whey protein is exceptionally rich in highly bioavailable essential amino acids. A good protein supplement allows your body to recover properly from a difficult workout, build more lean muscle mass and increase the energy available to your body. If you want your body to perform at it’s best, you want a protein supplement that’s free from growth hormones, antibiotics, hyper-immunizations and other chemicals. You want to ensure your whey protein is coming from a grass fed source that is highly absorbable. That’s why we created Gnarly Whey. A recovery protein that only uses New Zealand grass fed whey.”

Nothing artificial!

“Gnarly Whey is Gluten free and has absolutely no artificial colors or flavors. We don’t use sucralose, Ace K, or any other artificial sweeteners. We’re low in sodium, impact carbs and Gnarly rates very low on the glycemic index, making it diabetic-friendly. Grass fed whey is also very environmentally sustainable.”

Digestive enzymes!

“Our Full On Digestive blend utilizes Bioperine®, the all natural extract that gives black pepper it’s cleansing and digestive properties. Gnarly also takes advantage of 7 other enzymes so that our Whey promotes a healthier digestive tract and increases absorption.”

This is my favorite whey protein powder and I recommend it 100% based on the companies ethics and the amazing product. It tastes delicious and is a must buy in my book:)! Check them out at goGNARLY.com 


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