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HIIT intervals

imagesHIIT stands for high intensity interval training. It is meant to be a shorter workout that is much more intense than normal cardio and gives you an after burn effect. This means that your body is going to be burning calories for hours after you are done working out…hello, who doesn’t want that. This is a simple workout that can be done at home and have you feeling fierce in no time!

When I am in a bind and need to get my HIIT cardio out of the way, this is one of my go to’s!

What you’ll need:

  • kettle bell
  • jump rope
  • your favorite tunes!


  • Jump rope for 1 minute
  • Jumping jacks for 1 minute
  • kettle bell swings for 1 minute (I typically do 10 on one arm and then 10 on the other and then 10 with both)
  • high knees for 45 seconds (knees to chest!!)
  • 15 second break
  • 1 minute of side shuffles (3 to the left, tap the ground, 3 to the right, tap the ground)
  • 10 burpees
  • 30 second break
  • Repeat this 4 times for a total of 24 minutes. Enjoy:)

2 comments on “HIIT intervals

  1. beverleyfitness
    January 24, 2014

    this looks like a great workout! i love adding in skipping to my routines when i can!

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